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Contact Information

Daytime Phone:


NCP Homes Ltd
1045 John Counter Blvd
Kingston, ON K7K 6C7

Pre-Delivery Inspection List

Your Pre-Delivery List is forwarded to NCP Homes' site supervisor directly after the inspection for follow up action. If all of the items are not completed prior to your closing date, the site office will work with you to complete them after you move in. Depending on the season or the availability of materials and labour, it may not be possible to complete certain items until suitable weather conditions.

Surface Damage Report

Surface finishes and fixtures in your home may become damaged during construction, during moving in, or during regular living activities. Construction-related damages that are documented on the Pre-Delivery Inspection will be repaired or replaced as required. If, upon closing, you discover new damages that were not present at the time of the Pre-Delivery Inspection, we will attempt to deal with these fairly, provided they are properly reported within 24 hours of closing. On your closing date, please take the time to carefully recheck the interior and exterior of the house for damages and, if necessary, fill out the Surface Damage Report form found in your New Home Owners Package. Damages already on the Pre-Delivery Inspection do not need to be re-listed on the Surface Damage Report. A Surface Damage Report form must be signed by a site supervisor and submitted to NCP Homes office within 24 hours of closing, in order to be valid. Surface damages that are not properly reported to Tamarack's head office within 24 hours of closing, cannot be claimed under warranty.

30-Day Form

This provides us an opportunity to answer any of your questions about the house and a chance to review outstanding repair items from the Pre-Delivery Inspection. This is also your opportunity to bring to our attention any new concerns you identified after closing. All outstanding Pre-Delivery Inspection items and all new warranty items are documented on a Tarion Warranty 30-Day Form. This form is used to initiate the repairs. It is processed at our office, and a copy is sent to you, our site office and our sub-trades. After the 30-Day Form is completed, NCP Homes will not inspect or process any more new items until your Year-End Form unless they are of an urgent nature. Please do not submit service requests to anyone except personnel at the NCP Homes office, as they will not be looked at.

Exterior Items

If construction activity is ongoing around your home, some of the exterior finishes may not be completed at the time of the 30-Day Form. Once all exterior construction is complete, and the landscaping installed, you may inspect them yourself and report any exterior deficiencies. This allows you to report items that were not apparent at the time of the 30-Day Form due to incomplete exterior construction. Unless the items are urgent, NCP Homes will keep your exterior list on file until the Year-End Form.

Urgent Matters

If an urgent problem arises that was not apparent at the time of the 30-Day Form, it can be reported by submitting a deficiency report, which can be done directly through our website. Alternatively, it can be forwarded to NCP Homes' office by fax or mail.

Year-End Form

We suggest that, as you notice any repair items after the 30-Day Form, you prepare a list to bring these items to our attention during the Year-End Form. The Tarion Warranty Corporation outlines the items that are covered under the one-year warranty service.

Second Year Items

NCP Homes does not prescheduled inspections after your Year-End service work. If an item comes up that is covered under the second year warranty, please submit your concern to NCP Homes' office by fax or mail before the second-year anniversary. The Tarion Warranty Corporation outlines the items that are covered under the two-year warranty service.



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